• Clément Regert- Guitar

  • Maciek Pysz - Guitar

  • Adam Glasser - Harmonica + Keyboard


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Clément Regert- Guitar

Clément Regert is a French guitarist from Paris where he played at The Sunset/Sunside, Le Baisé Salé, Café Universel, l'Opus, Esplanade de Vincennes.

Since he moved to London in 2005, Clément has played in numerous venues and festivals in the UK such as The London Jazz Festival or The Imperial Wharf Jazz Festival and collaborated with the likes of Lianne Carroll, Dennis Rollins, Jay Phelps, Quentin Collins, Robert Mitchell, Graeme Blevins, Alex Hutton, Mike Gorman, Chris Jerome, Dorian Ford, Pete Whittaker, Gabrielle Ducomble to name just a few.

Clément Regert is broadly travelling the sameNu-Jazz path as Italy?s Nicola Conte, but takes a better solo.? Evening Standard

" a Great Guitarist!" Jazzwise"

" Full marks to Clement regert for is Incisive guitar playing!" Jazz Journal"

"Excellent acoustic guitar work Regert's superbly dexterous solo is particularly stunning.""

Maciek Pysz - Guitar

I have been playing the guitar since the age of 11. By the time I was 19, I realised that being a musician was the only thing I wanted to do. There was something about the shape of the guitar - the way its contours fitted so closely around my body - and the simplicity of wood, strings and soundhole that grabbed me as a boy and still does. I love the way I can feel the sound being created with my own hands, and its portability makes it the ideal instrument to have with me all the time. I am self-taught and I continue to learn from listening and playing with others. I never found it difficult to improvise and composing comes naturally to me.

Playing guitar is for me the most wonderful feeling in the world. It's like a state of meditation for me, a place I can go that never disappoints, which gives me energy and purpose. Playing guitar is what gets me up in the morning, that and the smell of coffee and croissant! I hope I can communicate my joy in playing and my emotions to the listener, for the audience is an important part of performance. I aim to create a warm, sensual and energising atmosphere where the listener is able to immerse him or herself in the compositions and respond to the feelings I am expressing.

Travelling is an important and essential part of my life. So it was perhaps inevitable that when I came to write the music for my latest album "A Journey" I discovered that the experiences and emotions I was recalling while writing the music were about people I had met and places I had visited in the past few years. It's not just restlessness that makes me want to explore the world, it is about experiencing the adventures I know are waiting for me. Similarly, my first album "Insight" is also about self-discovery. It is a very spiritual album in which I explore feelings of loss and loneliness as well as happiness and so I called it "Insight" because it gave me deeper understanding of myself.

Adam Glasser - Harmonica + Keyboard

Internationally reknown virtuoso south african jazz harmonica player & pianist Adam Glasser has released two critically acclaimed - 'Free at First' (2010 SAMA Best Modern Jazz Album)and 'Mzansi' (nominated 2012 SAMA Best Jazz Album).

He has performed or recorded with a wide range of artists including Sting, Joe Zawinul, Incognito, Eurythmics & Hugh Masekela as well as with many key artists on the UK jazz scene and on numerous sound tracks, tv shows.

Adam's music is infused by roots in South Africa where he has appeared at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival, Johannnesburg Jazz Festival and the National Arts Festival Grahamstown.

Adam Glasser video:

With Sting:

With Hugh Masekela:

'Free at First': "A challenge to equal for sheer scope of virtuosity, musicality and surprise" Raul dGama US Jazz Critic

"Uncanny virtuosity on the chromatic harmonica.. master of his own sound and identity" @CriticalJazz - US Jazz Blog